Never forget where we've come from. These are our values, in work and in life. Zarah represents our roots, our principles and our ethics; values that we were taught by our families and which we carry with pride into our daily work.

With headquarters in Switzerland, surrounded by the most prestigious wine regions in the world, Zarah is a wine merchant operating globally providing you with the ultimate fine wine experience. We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards to deliver our clients the best quality possible at all levels.

At Zarah we believe that wine is alive; like a person it breathes, it ages and it develops. Wine is tight, vibrant and full of energy when young. As it matures, it becomes more intriguing, intense and complex. Yet, just like the human body, to age gracefully wine must be cared for and looked after. We treat our bottles as we would treat a person. We buy exclusively at the highest standards of quality and from the most secure sources. Our state-of-the-art storage facilities and specialised shipping partners will deliver you wine which is always at its best.